Sara Christensen | Résumé
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About the Designer

My name is Sara and I am a graphic designer, wannabe copywriter, and shameless typeface addict. I first launched my career in 2013 as the senior art director for a local marketing agency, but I have been freelancing professionally since 2010. These days, I lend my creative talents to MAHEC as their Marketing and Communications Specialist. Although my heart belongs to the Pacific Northwest, where I was born and raised, I now live in the mountains of western North Carolina with my floppy-eared pup, Cooper.

I studied graphic design and fine art for five years, supplementing my academic instruction with technical courses on Adobe’s creative software. Since completing my Bachelor of Arts at Mount Vernon Nazarene University in 2013, I have been invited back to speak on campus several times and have also been a guest judge for the senior scholarship in graphic design. These opportunities mean the world to me because I am able to give back to a place that has shaped me into the professional I am today.

My portfolio consists of agency work, in-house marketing materials, freelance projects, creative endeavors from college, and self-initiated explorations in viscom. Most of the freelance clients I work with are emerging businesses in need of identity development, but my skills are not limited to branding alone. My specialties include art direction, illustration, photo manipulation/repair, infographics, photography, website design, typography, interactive PDFs, and prepress. I dabble in copywriting and video editing with Premiere, and I know just enough about HTML and CSS to be dangerous.

When I am not pen tooling behind my desk as I bounce around to techno music (or metal, depending on the day), you will probably find me hanging out with family and friends or trying to chase down my spaz of a dog. Most of the time, I just enjoy being excessively nerdy about the things that I love, and my first love will always be graphic design.




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For more specific details regarding my work history and education, please download my résumé.

Working Relationships

A list of organizations and individuals that I have contracted with and/or worked for in recent years.